Indigo Fourth

Indigo Fourth is a collection of products with stories.

They handpick items that we believe celebrate the Indigo Fourth philosophy of building something out of nothing.

Every item is unique by design, by nature and most importantly, by story. They’ve selected each of our vendors carefully – ensuring every product in our collection was crafted in an environment with strong business ethics.

With 30 years of world traveling and nearly two decades of wholesale experience under our belts, they’ve learned where to find things.

They’ve spent the better part of their lives supplying successful retailers with the quality goods we’ve discovered on our travels.

They’re always on the hunt for top-notch design in functional everyday items.

An insatiable thirst for the unique and curious, has led them to discoveries only those who have spent years on the road could find.

The idea of Indigo Fourth emerged out of our appreciation for artisanship, craft and functionality and the struggle to find such products.

Indigo Fourth was born out of the need to connect objects with stories to those with the desire to listen.

Project Info

Project Date: 04.01.2014

Project Budget: $7,800

Technologies: Custom Drupal Development & Shopify Implementation

Website: Indigo Fourth