Our Team

Garrett Guthrie
Founder & CEO
With a decade of experience in network administration and business IT deployments, Garrett's passion is empowering people to use technology.
Christophe Michot
Business Development
Quick-thinking doer: enthusiastic about ideas and resentful of formal structures, but serious, analytical, and decisive in execution. He’s persuasive, independent, loves taking calculated risks, and sometimes disregards existing structures entirely.
Cody McDonald
Project Director & Partnerships
Cody uses unique cross-platform knowledge to create WOW moments in helping people discover new ways technology can work for them.
Stas Bandrovsky
Lead Customer Success Manager
Continuous self-improvement, expansion of knowledge and maintaining high personal standards, in order to benefit the people around me, as well as myself.
Erick Martinuzzi
Sr Marketing & Interactive Consultant
Erick is a dedicated and collaborative team player with 18 years of progressive business experience that spans across creative design, team leadership and operations management skills in diverse industry segments.
Lisa Almquist
Bookkeeper extra-ordinaire